Get your secret email account now!

Because privacy is a fundamental right

The Pain

Do you know why most email accounts are free?

Any common account from free email providers like Google, Microsoft (live, Hotmail etc.), yahoo is creating an exact copy of your email account and then performing a live keyword search. Officially filtering junk, however they sell the content that matches their keyword search. This way you are getting hit by more junk or you could be at risk that your prototype might even appear on the market couple days before you are planning to launch.

The Solution

Our mission is to help you regaining control over your data and personal information as data privacy is your fundamental right.

  • Disposable email addresses
    When you don’t want to share real email addresses, you can create temporary ones on the fly.
  • We never read your email
    We couldn’t even if we wanted to do so. We believe that your privacy is a basic human right worth fighting for.
  • 10 GB storage in a personal vault

    It’s more space than you will ever need to store all of your sensitive communications — safely.

  • Total mail identity protection

    Nobody knows who you are as long as you don’t use your real name for the account

  • Setup
    We help you with the setup and guide you through the security options, no need to talk to random support people, we are your single point of contact

From $ 100.00 per Year

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